Businesses, Goverments and consumers need simple flexible metods to send and receive funds around the world in multiple currencies. Standard Finance delivers fast cost-effective and innovative payment solution. We’re all part of a fast, complicated global economy that will only become more so with each passing year. A global economy means vast amounts of money moving all around the world. As they say, “money makes the world go round,” and this is truly the case. All this money moves around the world electronically, and along with that comes the inherent problems that go along with it. Electronic payment systems have been constantly reinvented, improved, and refined over time, and our payment solutions are the shining result of all this learning and experience. Standard Finance prides itself on its flexible ability with payments to receive funds as well as send them. These funds travel the world with lightning speed. Payments in multiple currencies are delivered fast and are cost-effective. Whether you’re a business or government entity, we offer innovative ways to send and receive payments in a constantly changing global economy. Standard Finance offering a one-stop-shop for the entire digital payment solution with the unique combination of technology, issuing and market expertise

How to provide payment services without becoming a bank?

Create branded prepaid Mastercard experiences to drive sales and scale your business. Prepaid cards are powerful and flexible payment vehicles you can rely on to customize and control how money is sent, received, and spent. Whether you’re paying people for commissions, rewards, incentives, rebates, benefits, goodwill, insurance, or emergencies, consider the strengths of a prepaid card. A completely custom corporate payment program with custom-designed cards, stylized web and mobile apps and optional API integrations using RestFul API set. Our Platform (a Platform as a Service) offers the distribution and activation of various financial products such as plastic or virtual rechargeable payment cards and, upon request, any support integrating contactless chips (connected wristbands, keychains, mobiles etc. Prepaid cards are the same cards as traditional payment cards. They are widely accepted for online purchases as well as any type of merchants or brands with closed or open-loop systems. The package fee is one-time-fee

  • Plastic and virtual cards, or both! Glossy effect cards or contactless metal cards, anything is possible! Imagine the ideal card for your payment program, we create its design and have it validated with Mastercard® and regulators. We then produce your payment cards and deliver them to the address of your choice.
  • Freely define your business model and pricing. We will advise you on the best pricing model for card program so that it is profitable and optimal.
  • Your payment solution integrates perfectly with your environment thanks to a dedicated open API set. You can also ask our teams to develop turnkey websites or mobile applications to manage front office user interfaces as well as back offices.
  • Depending on the type of services you wish to provide to your users, we will ensure their compliance with applicable regulations and the smooth running of your KYC / KYB processes.

We support you in each step of your project's design process

From conformity analysis to definition of technical and financial flows, we develop your tailor-made program on our proprietary platform. Your data is hosted in France in our Tier 4 security data center. Based on your needs, we select trusted partners. Everything is integrated into your environment thanks to dedicated open API Sets.

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