Standard Finance offering a one-stop-shop for the entire digital service solution with the unique combination of technology, issuing and market expertise. Founded in 2017, we have an international team with unparalleled payments and technology experience. We are headquartered in Uppsala Sweden with partners in France and UK. Standard Finance offers a complete suite of global cutting-edge digital service solutions, It is tailored to customers local preferences and location-based rules. It can build, operate and manage both off-the-shelf and through highly personalized solutions. Standard Finance is focused on delighting its customers by offering “best fit” inventive solutions to make payments simple, fast and secure. We deliver information, education and help corporations and governments to set up flexible and strong services support alternatives.


Standard Finance customer service staff must be pleasant and empathetic when communicating with customers. They must be good at listening to understand what the customer really wants. They must also have the patience to manage conversations effectively regardless of the customer’s skills.

Technical knowledge

It is much better to have agents who have thorough knowledge of the product and who are familiar with the latest technology in customer support. Then they can use their technical knowledge to handle complex customer cases and help new staff quickly adapt to the company’s support routines


Since customer support is always one of the most chaotic places in the company, agents must have good simultaneous skills so that they can smoothly switch between priority cases, documentation of solutions and notes for meetings. All this and more must be done in a way that optimally divides their time and energy.

Attention to detail

Customer service issues are unpredictable. Therefore, they must be handled in an organized manner with good attention to detail. Your support agents must test each solution themselves before sending it to a customer. They must also ensure that there are no gaps in communication.

Respect for deadlines

As the face of the company, your customer service agents must adhere to the company’s service level agreement and ensure that all assigned cases are handled before their deadlines. If they are unable to handle a particular case, they must follow standardized processes to escalate the matter to the appropriate department.

Proactive support

It is important that your customer service agents do not stop communicating with customers once a problem is resolved. They should also proactively communicate with customers to find out how the solution has worked and how they experience the product. It gives the agents the opportunity to collect valuable feedback from the customers.


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